We are doing all types of Fabrication works as per the specification of Sultanate of Oman. We also do all kinds of Fabrication works of structural Equipments and body building of vehicles. We are mainly concentrating in fabrication and mounting of the Water Tanks, Sewage Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Waste oil Tanks, Cargo body, Flat Bed Body, Freezer Body on vehicle chassis and Storage Tanks as per the needs of customers. We are using the best quality materials which are available in the market and well experienced fabricators. We do our fabrication work as per the requirement of customer with the PDO / OXY / Shell / Al Maha / Diwan of Royal court / Govt. Departments / Ministries, specifications. We also provide technical certificates from the R.O.P approved agencies related to our Fabrication Jobs, supplied Pressure Valves, Depression Valves, Pressure Gauges and Fire Extinguisher Cylinders etc.

We are also doing the fabrication of Tanks for Govt. Departments and Ministries.

Current Range of Manufacture / Fabrication

  1. Fuel Tanks – 550 IG to 12000 IG
  2. Sewage Tanks – 650 IG to 12000 IG
  3. Water Tanks – 650 IG to 12000 IG
  4. Waste Oil Tanks  - 650 IG to 12000 IG
  5. Storage Tanks ( All Type ) on the base of Ground or Pillars etc – 650 IG to 12000 IG
  6. Cargo Body
  7. Freezer Body
  8. Flat Bed
  9. Shed
  10. Modification and Repairing of Accident Vehicles and Equipments
  11. Cabin Fabrication
  12. Skip Load Box
  13. All other Fabrication and Welding work

Service is our motto. We are doing our business by providing maximum service, attention and satisfaction to our valuable customers. We are very thankful to our valuable customers who helped us to develop our business with in a limited period. We also thank them for there valuable co-operation and support.

We have a strong team of dedicated professionals in technical, production, and commercial disciplines provide support and fulfill our customer’s requirements.